Offering customized bodywork for whole body wellness to all in the RVA area.



At Indigo we approach treatment with respect to the mind-body-spirit connection, drawing upon various techniques to best meet your expectations and goals for each session. Our integrative approach to bodywork blends clinical massage techniques into a relaxing massage.

At Indigo we take pride in providing bodywork that’s just as relaxing as it is therapeutic.

One of the most beautiful things about massage & bodywork is the inner stillness it creates. Scientifically speaking, we refer to this as “parasympathetic state.” In this physiological state, your body’s vital functions (breathing, heart rate, cranial rhythm, etc.) slow and your body’s natural rhythm returns to a harmonious balance of inner-stillness and calm focus. Parasympathetic state is where healing occurs.



Meet Jordan


Jordan O’Connell, Owner, BS, LMT, MMP, MLDP

I am passionate about helping people take care of their health in respect to the mind-body-spirit connection. My goal each time I begin a session with a new or existing client is to meet them where they are, to listen, and help them how I can. I have worked with many people over the years to help them resolve various health concerns (including managing auto-immune dis-eases with lymphatic drainage massage); to prevent overuse/repetitive injuries, to heal following surgery, to release emotional and physical stress, and generally to improve wellbeing and quality of life.


—B.S., Community Health, Physical Education, & Exercise Science, Virginia Commonwealth University (2014)

—LMT, Licensed by the Virginia Board of Nursing, attended Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage (2015)

Continuing Bodywork Education:

—Cupping Therapy

—Advanced Medical Massage

—Manual Lymphatic Drainage

—Neuromuscular Therapy

—CranioSacral Therapy (currently working toward completing diplomat in CST)

—Foot Reflexology



We Are Hiring

Help Wanted

Position: Licensed Massage Therapist (part-time)

Description: LMT to work with existing and new clients of Indigo to provide therapeutic bodywork and address client’s areas of concern.

If you are: Passionate about massage therapy, helping others feel better, have great interpersonal and professional skills, please apply! Experience is nice, but not required. On the job training will be provided.

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